The new US rule under Trump seems to have been modeled after the Russian model . We say this because the opposition to the Putin rule in Russia had taken the form of Pussy Riot and Femen and other dubious NGOs who rallied against him and took to streets and of whom he managed to get rid somehow . It seems this kind of shallow immature opposition worked well for Putin who could at least have the merit not to encourage streeking or promote homosexuality and other kind of obnoxious behavior meant to shock the public . This conferred over Putin a certain decency and morality that he definitely lacked . Thus, he could get away with many things like being a criminal and a usurper of power and the protector of the Russian mafia, as it contributed to a certain extent to rehabilitating him and making him acceptable.

This way of opposing Putin’s rule must have been designed by the master KGB to cut it short on any serious opposition that could be threatening to the president . This formula that proved effective must have been transferred to the Trump administration in order also to undermine any serious opposition to the Trump rule and to restrict this opposition to the gender protests and feminist and gay demonstrations in order to empty the opposition from any real meaning and from any effectiveness

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