If one wonders how Putin – the protector of the Yeltsin Mafia – got promoted to become the protector of all people and above all of the Syrian people one should read the comments of the person called Maria Kortunova . A journalist and Press TV correspondent , this unfortunate person is promoting Vladimir Putin in every respect and looking down on Muslims and Arabs while exposing Trump for having a Jewish son in law . The Lady in question seems to have forgotten that Putin also has a Jewish son in law. Not only this , but she thinks that Putin is doing charity in Syria and helping as she said as if we had to do with a saint of some sort whose sole worry is to help Syria . Funnily enough her remarks come at a time when the Russian community is being targeted in Ukraine with dozens` of victims and injured while saint Putin is busy helping out Syria . We told the lady that charity should start at home but to no avail , the lady was convinced that it is solely for the sake of Syria that Putin was doing this . The professional lady has not heard of`countries’ interests and we will have to excuse her for this.

This person Marina who is a journalist is a misinformant agent picturing Putin as the liberator of Aleppo while all know that Putin did not share in the battle of Aleppo neither from the air nor on the ground for which reason the battle was won in this spectacular way say the observers . Also insisting that Putin has liberated Palmyra omitting to say that the battle of Palmyra was in order not to engage in the battle of Aleppo and finally the ISIS has reoccupied Palmyra and the Russians are not doing anything which this person who pretends to be a journalist seems to totally ignore

looking down at Arabs is not the only flaw this person is`committing saying that it is the Russians who taught the `Syrians how to fight.

a real attempt at obscuring the Resistance and the achievements of the Resistance in Syria`by alluding that people are incapable of liberating themselves and they need a superpower to do this thing for them meaning Russia` . This is neither reporting not journalism , this is simply Putin’s propaganda and misinformation.


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