This is the 38th anniversary of the victory of the Iranian Revolution . The Iranian people, lead by their Spiritual leader deposed the Shah and operated the desired change . This Revolution had invisible roots in the hearts and minds of all people before taking place on the ground . It happened in the world before happening in Iran. The Revolution was inspiration and was emotion as well . It was not restricted to Iran , it was for all and it was for Arabs and Palestinians as much as it was for the Iranians . This Revolution was in answer to a deep quest , a Natural Laws’ quest, a Religious quest and a National quest, and an Arab and Palestinian quest. It came in answer to a yearning that had taken people everywhere , a yearning for justice .

It was high time that a Revolution occurs to do justice and defeat the predators . There was room for this Revolution to take birth. Natural Law had made room and arranged the circumstance so that this Revolution occurs and if it hadn’t occurred in Iran , it would have occurred elsewhere.

The Arab dream , the Palestinian dream found themselves in this Revolution, and many others also in Africa and Asia and elsewhere. The Revolution did not seek political gain or political achievements unlike other so called Revolutions , it didn’t seek hegemony or recognition or expansion or material interests . It sought justice over the predators and peace on earth .

The Western Powers let this Revolution happen thinking that it was an innovation of some sort , happening in their field of influence and power , and that no sooner they will be able to interfere and get things back to their right place . They did not know that this Revolution was their end and their certain defeat. The Revolution was guided and inspired by a great mind , it was a cosmic Revolution that definitely they could neither manipulate nor curb , nor distort nor sway or lead astray . Still they tried , they backed Bani Sadr, and waged a bloody war, and rallied all the global forces against Iran, and launched a war on more than a level and imposed bans and` sanctions . They tried everything one could think of and finally they resorted to false flag, and they are still trying and will not desist . But Iran survived all this and grew even stronger .

There is real strength in this Revolution that nothing can undermine . The seed of the Revolution became a tree where many can take shelter . The challenges are still there and they are many , but the Revolution is alive and thriving .

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