1142 terrorist thugs have been evacuated from the villages of`Wadi Barada with 760 0f their family member and more than 200 will be evacuated from al Zabadani according to an agreement whose terms have not been disclosed . this operation is to be extended to other areas while the agenda of the `safe zones is being pushed by the Russian belligerent and his`US partner. Lavrov said literally that today’s safe zones do not seek to create independent governments like previously that were after undermining the central government and he`said that his country – Russia -is ready to cooperate at all levels whether intelligence or military or other to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Lavrov said that seeing the capacity of our friends the US` forces and the other Coalition forces present on the ground together with the possibility to coordinate with the Syrian forces on the ground against the terrorist groups we would have operated a positive qualitative change in fighting Terror. Syria, on the other hand, through the minister of foreign affairs, had consented on these safe zones. The question is if the Syrian Army is going to fight Terror along with the US and Coalition forces then on whose side will Hizbullah fight , and against whom will he fight ?


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