As usual, Putin did not look good distributing around, to the terrorist thugs, the constitution draft prepared by Russian experts that limits the prerogatives of the president of Syria, and gives the parliament the right to remove him and omits to mention Syria’s Arab identity . Putin also sent a copy of the draft to the UN . But now, the media is praising Putin again attributing to him Trump’s backing off from creating safe zones in Syria . The media says that it is`Putin who dissuaded the US president from carrying on such a step . and now Putin looks good again despite the flaw of the constitution .

This has been going on for a while whereby stories have been circulating that Putin did this and did that ; like when he pretended to have intercepted 2 US ballistic missiles that were targeting Syria in year 2013 which is a lie of course because nothing of this sort happens, and so many other instances like attributing to him the safety of the president and that of the capital and even the `victory of Aleppo . These are the lies on which Putin is building his notoriety


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