We are back again to the crime of the century, to the killing in Nigeria of hundreds of IMN members a year ago and killing what remains`of Sheikh Zakzaki’s children in front of their father and mother .The army had fired at al Zakzaki and his wife after killing their children in front of them .

This is a story that we tell again and again because there is so much difficulty assimilating it. This is nothing but terrorism practiced by the rule , by the Army itself and the presidency . It is killing people who happen here to belong to a certain community just for the purpose of blackmail , just because Iran and Hizbullah are challenging the World Order. The Nigerians have nothing to do with Hizbullah though. Still they were targeted by the enemy

The authorities had refused to set free the venerable Sheikh and his wife after the court had asked for their release and had ordered material compensations . This killing is happening everywhere for which the unfortunate Arab Spring was created, and wars were started everywhere that have not ended after so many years . There are wars everywhere and people are being targeted in Yemen , in Syria, in Bahrain, and Terror has spread . Half a million dead in Syria alone and 13 millions displaced , Yemen is threatened by famine also, and every 10 minutes one child under ten dies in Yemen from hunger or from sickness .

And they will continue to kill hoping that by this they will defeat the people and repeat what they succeeded in inflicting on the Natives of America . They hope to genocide more people as they genocided the Natives and eradicated them and their culture . They hope to do this, and they are demonizing Islam the same way they demonized the indigenous people describing them as savages and as people that do not deserve to live and that without them life would be better. And they convinced the world about it, and succeeded in doing this to a great extent.

What made the World Order more determined to carry on this genocide` towards the people is something called Iran and the Resistance , but while sacrificing so many innocents, the World Order has failed in undermining the forces of the Resistance ,. The Resistance will spread to the whole middle East in the near future say the Israelis and this is a source of great fear for the usurpers .The Resistance is the right answer to this genocide and the people are slowly realising this truth .

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  1. Sean Bresnahan says:

    Thank you brother. I’m currently off Facebook but am following you here in the mean time. Keep up your efforts.

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