The Astana talks have become a riddle . The goal is to maintain the cease fire and have thugs fight other thugs and set them against one another, and integrate some of them in the Army especially the FSA and have the others fight al Nusrat and ISIS who have been labelled as terrorists . They will do this hoping that they will get their political share in the rule . This will happen according to the Russian/US agenda who seeks to have Terror fight Terror so that Terror is not eradicated and remains a power on the ground .

The Iranians have already stated – through assistant of the minister of foreign affairs Hussein Emir Abdullahian- that terrorist thugs cannot turn into politicians, but it seems that in Syria they are given a chance to become so . The star of the negotiations is Turkey no doubt that has been promoted to this role and introduced to Syria by Russia, and turned into an enemy of ISIS while keeping on feeding and arming and sustaining terrorists in Syria .

US will be represented only through the US ambassador in Kazakhastan after the Iranian objection to have US share actively in the talks . But US is already present there in the form of the terrorists groups and Turkey and Russia. The Kurds have objected that they were left out of these talks and will be labelled as terrorists by the Turkish belligerent who wants to fight them in Syria, even though the Kurds were the first to have successfully fought ISIS on the Syrian ground and were used by the US for this purpose after that.

This mosaic is what Astana looks like and it will be a miracle if something comes out of it. The final goal is to jeopardize the forces of the Resistance in Syria by putting thugs in charge of fighting Terror lead by Turkey hoping to replace the Forces of the Resistance and usurp their role, and drive the Resistance out under the pretext that they are foreign forces that have no place in the Syria after the reconciliation process .


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