Trump represents the nostalgia of the United States , the country that is regressing at all levels and that has just become a big arsenal and nothing else . What US is trying to do is to reproduce what US thinks to be the elements of its strength . It is trying to retrieve its previous glory that has gone with the wind so to speak . A glory built on genocide and colonialism and theft and usurp and mafia and conspiracies.

This is the secret of US strength, that US has been losing gradually in favor of anti racism and gay marriage and feminism and democracy and you name it . All this crap which Obama came especially to promote, and many before Obama trying to turn US into something else with which US cannot identify. US needs to become real again, to become itself . The average American needs to become again the settler and the usurper and the colonizer . The Obama phase was difficult to swallow . Everything was lost , even the army which Obama had replaced by hired thugs, by a proxy army of terrorists.

Obama thought he was doing good by sparing the Army and saving the money , but on what will the average US citizen feed ? US needs to get in touch with itself again. And this is the Promise that Trump is carrying, that the US will retrieve its glorious past and will lead the world again . But it is too late now, and the regression and degeneration will continue, and retrieving one’s own self will not help when this self is genocidal. It is just nostalgia , there is no cure for US, neither in the glorious past nor in the dark future . US is doomed and the Trump is another step forward towards this doom , a determining step no doubt ..


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