So we have to bid farewell to Obama and greet Trump, and what is` the difference between the two , none so to speak , they both don’t rule but are ruled and have little say in what happens but still people invest in this one or that one . It is the first time that Arabs invest in a US president and identify with him and this because of his association with Putin . The truth is that Putin is not bringing the US president to the Arabs but taking the Arabs to the US president. This time Arabs have the opportunity to like a US` president and invest in him ,and this is happening . Even Leftists and progressives see in Trump a real change like the US people saw in Obama a real change . It was a change to the worse for sure , and so will be Trump a change for the worse . There is no hope in USA , those who invest in this rogue state have gone out of their minds but it is `really something to see those leftists pro Syrian regime so excited about the Trump rule , the fools sound as if they had conquered USA . In fact, they are going to be very surprised .


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