The issue of the Rohingyas is being raised on more than a tribune after news reached saying Rohingyas are fighting in Syria now . The Rohingya issue has been created during British colonialism who deported number of Muslims from Bengal to settle in Burma to use them as cheap labor . This was accompanied by fueling religious hatred between the Rohingya Muslims and the Buddhists . Lately, the Rohingya people have been subject to much controversy and being used in more than an agenda, and religious hatred was fueled with massacres on both sides. The Rohingyas are refugees, and they are more than a million in Myanmar , and many of them live in camps . The authorities will not grant them citizenship for fear to alter the demography of the country . The Rohingyas have a cause though hey have been subject to the Soros agenda and have been infiltrated by number of NGOs who used them to fuel religious hatred and conflict with the Buddhists . They ended up being subject to coercive illegitimate migration, and thrown to the sea like the Syrian refugees who were thrown on inflatable boats from Turkey, and sent to the unknown. Same happened to the Rohingyas, and many of them ended on floating boats hoping to land somewhere . Many of them ended in Syria as reported fighting with the terrorist thugs .This is to say that KSA alone hosts around 400 thousand Rohingya people.


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