After will never be like before , say sources regarding the execution by the Bahraini authorities of 3 innocent citizens called Sami Mushaima, 42, Ali al-Singace, 21, and Abbas al-Samea, 27 who were executed Sunday morning after being sentenced to death . The 3 were wrongly accused of killing 3 UAE officers by using explosives after their confession was exhorted by torture. The 3 young men are innocent and did not commit any crime. What will change for the Bahrainis is not necessarily the peacefulness of their protests even if this might happen ; what will change is that the struggle is taking an international dimension, and there are foreign inimical forces behind what happened on Sunday, and the Bahrainis can no more restrict their movement to local reformative demands . Another element has entered the scene that cannot be ignored and overlooked, and it is that the local administration has almost totally fallen under foreign hegemony .The truth is that every Arab country that is not liberated is part of israel and the greater israel is not just on the map , it is an actual reality and this is what the Arab Spring revealed .

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