Assistant to the Syrian minister of Foreign affairs Faysal al Miqdad says that anyone is welcome to attend the Astana talks – meaning the US of A- going frankly against the Iranian wish who wants US to be away, probably because it knows that US will bring KSA to be present and be reintroduced to the Syrian scene after Turkey has secured its share . For sure Iran will be able to handle better the situation in Astana without the USA or KSA~and for this `reason has opposed the US` presence . No doubt that Syria had agreed before hand that US be present at Astana even though what was stated earlier on behalf of Russia is that these talks will be exclusively between the Syrian rule and the opposition without any third party , but the sponsors of Turkey and Russia invited themselves, and Iran said that it will attend as an observer and will not endorse any decision reached by the negotiations . Then, the 2 sponsors invited USA to attend which Iran opposed and Syria welcomed . This is to say that al Miqdad put as condition that US pressures KSA and Qatar to stop fueling Terror in Syria, as if KSA and Qatar acted on their own .Many Syrian sources say that the Astana talks are just a means to gain time for the thugs of the opposition to reorganise their ranks and develop their new strategy for the coming Trump period and recover from the defeat of Aleppo .


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