The Putin’s case is`exceptional because the relation between Putin and his supporters transcends all logic and fact . This relation has become obsessive and beyond logic for some reason. Not only Putin’s supporters will not look into his past as a KGB thug , or into his implication in stealing the food supplies destined to his people , or into his relation to the Yeltsin mafia , or into the war he launched on Chechnya that caused 50 thousand dead, or into how he usurped power in his country, and how he eliminated his opponents by murdering them . All this does not affect the Putin’s fans and does not prevent them from investing in him, and seeing in him a hero and a polarity to the world order that has no par.

There is no doubt that efforts were exerted in this`direction, and a campaign that has no par in which Putin used everything one can think of , from the photoshops where he appears riding a tiger, to the Judo master who can throw his partner on the floor with one blow, to the master of art and singing the blues, not to speak of the demonization campaigns that worked in his favor . All this has been carefully studied and engineered, and people have started developing a kind of faith in this person that is`definitely misplaced .

In Syria , despite the controversy Russia is creating, there no one questioning Russia’s involvement with the thugs by way of arming the FSA for example, or by way of inviting US strikes, or by coordinating militarily with israel or inviting Turkey to invade Syria, and so many other things that expose Putin but that no one wants to see and hear, the latest being the invitation sent to US to attend the Astana talks that were meant to take place far from USA.

Still, the Putin supporters will not waver, and will not apply logic to what they see and hear .Their attitude is complicit and defies logic and facts because what these supporters of Putin see in him is totally unrelated to objective facts There is something obsessive and demoniacal in surrendering totally to this myth on behalf of people who are educated and learned and versed in politics and who know that countries are ruled and motivated by their interest. This is very strange, but Putin seems to be the last card that the world order can play .

The World Order had become totally exposed by its`failures and defeats when the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon had proved themselves without question , by reaping victory in every respect, and exposing israel and defeating its schemes, and warding off its attacks, and liberating the land. There was need to create a different faith to appeal to those who seek fake solutions and compromise , something that transcended logic and common sense, and that could face this challenge, something like a fake Messiah whom they could follow blindly and trust blindly like they are doing. Thus, the Putin cult was born around someone who became beyond questioning and doubt , a cult not based on reasoning and fact but on the demoniacal necessity of defeating the people and their Messiah.


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