The Syrians failed in having access to Ayn el Figgeh in Wadi Barada and start repairing the damage done to the water tanks that feed Damascus with water. The al Nusrat thugs will not let the crew cross as agreed upon with the terrorist factions via Russia, and Damascus would have to stay without water for more than 2 weeks now . It is Russia that interfered at the right time to prevent the Syrian Army from progressing towards Wadi Barada by brokering a cease fire with al Nusrat thugs that failed and put Syria under thug rule despite the fact that al Nusrat is not included in the cease fire .

On the other hand, a trapped car driven by a suicidal exploded in Sa’sa’ south of Damascus killing five people among them Syrian intelligence officers. The terrorist act was claimed by al Nusrat. This comes after another blast shook Jabley in Ladikiyya killing dozens of` people and injuring others while Baghdad is witnessing daily attacks , the latest in a busy market in Baghdad caused 27 victims, and another caused 11 victims and injured dozens .

Both countries are drowning in blood as per the~Russian/Us agenda, and 6 millions in Damascus are going thirsty while Syria is invited to negotiations sponsored by Turkey and Russia. Criminal Russia is behind the introduction of Turkey to Syria`same as US is behind its introduction to Iraq , and Turkey now will fight Terror in both while continuing to feed terrorists


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