A totally misinformed Sheikh who first thinks that Libya was confronting the World Order while Libya had given in and was complacent in every respect to the World Order, and who thinks that the Christians in the form of Russia rushed to save Syria` and to save Assad and that they are in Syria to stay and will never leave while Putin is somehow packing as announced today..
An Ode to Christian Russia from the unfortunate Sheikh, and not a word about the Axis of the Resistance to which Syria belongs . Russia did not save Syria of` course , and as the non veto regarding Libya was assigned by the World Order , so the veto regarding Syria`was assigned , for Russia was to play a different role in Syria which is that of an infiltrator . But the Sheikh who seems to be on Putin’s payroll will not refrain from uttering falsities`saying that Russia in Syria is on a holy mission to prepare for the coming of the Christ . What kind of sheikh is this and who can believe such crap?
The UN veto of Russia is an item for sale, and Russia got billions of Saudi money for non vetoing the 2216 resolution that declared the war on Yemen . If Putin is on a holy Christian mission in this `world why didn’t he veto the criminal war on Yemen , or is it that Yemen has no importance for the venerable Sheikh because this is not where the Christ will manifest ? An imposter Sheikh by all standards,



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