Any geographical unity will have to be justified politically as well . Speaking about the unity called Eurasia without bringing up the issue of the usurping state of israel and jumping over this fact is dishonest and misleading . Those who are waging for Eurasia are not touching on this subject which makes Eurasia a very controversial issue . There should be no talk about any geographical unity in our area without the condition of the liberation of occupied Palestine that is the prerequisite of any unity be it Eurasia or other.

The article below wants to make it look as if Eurasia was an ayatollah Khomeiny agenda but this is false . Imam Khomeini had no such agenda , he started an Islamic Revolution, an Islamic awakening that put the Religion on its right track and put the liberation of Palestine as a priority . Therefore this article is a fraud and is waging for the Eurasia so called unity attributing it to Imam Khomeiny . The Eurasia unity, even if justified geographically, is a world order agenda and it is not an independent agenda that seeks a natural unity , it has for purpose to undermine the Axis`of the Resistance against israel, and to create a virtual entity that offers the right environment for israel to continue to exist


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