Battles fuel in al Baab between the Turkish sponsored forces of the Euphrates Shield and ISIS . The Turkish forces are also present on the ground and there are more than a thousand of them but they form the rear ranks and are absent from the front lines that seem to be occupied by the FSA and other terrorist thugs that have fled the battle of Aleppo and have been recruited by the Turks in the Euphrates Shield operations . It is expected that ISIS seeks refuge in al Raqqa after withdrawing from al Baab . This battle is the first between the Turks and ISIS whereby ISIS had been withdrawing before the Turkish Forces in Jarablus and elsewhere from the north west of Syria . In another development , the Turks have been accusing the Syrian Army of violating the cease fire because of the progress of the Army in Wadi Barada in order to retrieve the area of the water supplies to Damascus after the al Nusrat thugs had cut the water supplies leaving the capital thirsty for 14 days now . This is to say that al Nusrat is not included in the cease fire brokered between Russia and Turkey regarding Syria which caused the Syrian Army to head to Wadi Barada to provide the capital with water. This is to say that the differences between Iran and Turkey have been widening after Turkey stated that Hizbullah has to leave Syria,


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