Is Turkey undergoing a change ? Has Turkey shifted from Terror to anti Terror ? In an announcement yesterday, Turkey has linked its security to that of Syria and Iraq since all 3 are facing the same threat of Terror . Saying that Turkey will fight Terror is like saying that Hitler will fight Nazism . Is this possible that Hitler fights Nazism ? The answer is no . Hitler cannot fight Nazism nor can Erdogan fight Terror . Because Erdogan has been sponsoring Terror for the last 5 years , recruiting , training , arming supplying , treating and hosting terrorists coming from the 4 quarters, and sending them to Syria and monitoring them and keep on supplying them and buying their stolen oil .

And this has not changed and we have not heard that Turkey has stopped doing this . This is still going on, but Turkey has suddenly become anti Terrorist, and it has qualified for this by being subject to a series of terrorist attacks that targeted many places and caused victims. Attacks that were probably specially designed by Intelligence services in order to qualify Turkey for this new anti Terror role . And this qualification happens far from the US and close to Russia.

What the Media assumes defacto is that Turkey has become at odds with US because US supports the Kurds who are enemies to Turkey . and Turkey will start drawing close to Russia as a result , and seek other alternatives like Shanghai and Eurasia and you name it . And we are expected to take this in and believe it , and forget that Turkey is NATO, and has not stopped being the most important NATO member . What we should know also ,is that the US is not supporting the Kurds, but is using the Kurds , and Turkey knows this very well , and the US wants to cause more trouble in Syria by transferring the Turkish/Kurdish differences into Syria and then introduce Turkey into Syria through Russia to settle its differences with the Kurds on the Syrian ground . It is US that prepared the ground for the Turkish invasion of Syria and Russia was in charge of executing the scheme after getting Syria’s indirect consent,

Now , Turkey is in Syria under two big labels : curbing the Kurds and fighting ISIS. And Turkey is also in Iraq for the purpose of fighting ISIS , and is training the Sunni Askar Ninewah that has become part of the Popular Crowd. This is a big mistake to believe that any of these belligerents exist on his own , All these belligerents assume different roles in one single play that has one director, and each actor is assuming more than one role . This defection of Turkey towards Russia is designed, and happens when Russia is to become in total partnership with the new US administration with president Trump at its head . This means that Turkey is going to where it belongs . Whether it is doing this through Russia makes no difference, and is only to mislead us so that we think that there is a rise of an anti Terror Axis of which Turkey is part that is at odds with the US .

The reason for all this is that NATO has been defeated on the ground in Syria by the forces of the Resistance , and there is need to reintroduce NATO Turkey under a different dress to Syria and Iraq for which all this production has been made .As there is need to redistribute the terrorist thugs and recycle them for a new round .


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