There is normalization in war also and not only in peace. And this is what the Russians are trying to do in Syria , they are trying to treat equally the Resistance and the` terrorist thugs and create a sort of balance between them that will put them on par . This happens on the ground that both the Resistance and terror act under the banner of the Religion.

It is not allowed for example that in Syria` the`Resistance continues to fight until it eradicates Terror. Terror is to stay according to the Russians in the form of moderate opposition that is a pure invention, and all have to normalize with it , at least the Syrian rule and the Syrian Army. And now around 60 thousand thugs are supposed to commit themselves to the `cease fire` and qualify thus to negotiate and participate; and they are criminals and murderers thugs who committed atrocities against innocent people.

On the other hand, the Turks are asking for Hizbullah to leave Syria, while they are still pouring thugs and weapons into Syria , and they have said this more than once , and they want to put Hizbullah , the Kurds and ISIS on the same Terror list. And this is their intention and Russia’s intention to implement the Zionist agenda and then to invite israel to join the anti Terror Coalition the same way Turkey was invited by Russia, and this is not very far fetched. Some experts say that the battle should resume until the last thug is defeated and there is no future for Syria other than this .

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