The Syrian rule has accepted that the armed thugs become a legal opposition and to start negotiating with them which will happen soon in Astana, between the rule and the so called opposition without any other country . This means that Syria has compromised and accepted that there is a moderate opposition in Syria that qualifies for negotiations that is made of terrorist thugs belonging to the FSA and Ahrar al Sham and others, on condition that they dissociate from ISIS and al Nusrat.

What we are witnessing- in fact- is a total reshuffling and reorganization of the terrorist armed thugs that are to be split between moderate and non moderate . The moderate terrorist thugs will go to Astana for negotiations, while the non -so called – moderate armed factions would have to join al Nusrat .

Already, 7 armed factions- among them a section of Ahrar al Sham- have joined the al Nusrat to form what they call an Islamic Body, and the US- that is monitoring these changes – has – yesterday- killed in air raid, on their car in Idlib , 5 notorious heads of al Nusrat among them big head Omar al Turkestani . This was required in order to operate the coming changes that seek to draw a lesson from the defeat of Aleppo to introduce improvements on the terrorist thugs organization in order to avoid any future defeat .The Predators hope by this to reach a terrorist product that is perfected something like the Zionist Irgun or the Hagana .

All this cease fire is meant to reorganize the terrorist thugs ranks and introduce improvements on the Terrorist groups , and take Syria on another trip of negotiations where , on one hand it will negotiate terrorist thugs that have gone moderate and compromise with them , and, on the other hand, it will fight the same terrorist thugs that are operating under a different label.

All this is sponsored by Turkey and Russia. And Iran will accept whatever pleases the Syrian rule so as to avoid collision with Assad who is following the Russian/US agenda .rather than the Axis of the Resistance . Neither Iran nor Hizbullah can leave Syria to the predators .

Negotiating with thugs means concessions, and sources are speaking about a large autonomy granted to certain areas on the Syrian soil . It is clear that the predators and the war belligerents of Russia and Turkey do not want the Aleppo scenario to be repeated anywhere else in Syria.

The fate of the negotiating thugs in Astana will maybe consist in regrouping them in one area or another with large autonomy , or in their participation in the rule , or their integration in the Syrian Army as Russia plans , which is another form of undermining the Syrian Army according to the Zionist agenda of targeting all Arab Armies. All this means coexistence and recognition and normalizing with terrorist thugs which is what the predator seeks. .

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  1. Ash White says:

    I follow you on facebook (have done for over a year)
    Your honesty is very refreshing in this crazy mixed up world.
    I follow people on all sides of this argument/war/takeover….and have always found you make the most sense. Yourself & Sed Kim.
    I was asheep until my wife fell pregnant (2yr ago), I started researching vaccinations and stumbled upon a world of lies, deceat from our leaders.
    My world has been turned upside down.
    I thank you for your truth Daniel.
    Sincerely Ash

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