Sayyed in his two latest speeches insists on working for the unity and for the welfare of the Religion .In his speech last Friday he asks each and everyone to feel responsible for the Religion that is being defamed and exposed like never before whereby it has become associated with Terror in all the media and what we hear is terrorist Islam and fanatic Islam and takfiri Islam and you name it . This is an attack on the Religion and Sayyed asks all to defend not only the` Religion but divinity that the terrorist thugs`are intent on harming itself and it is the duty of all . Sayyed did not say that the religious authorities are falling short of their duties regarding the Religion in protecting Islam and Muslims . And that it has become the duty of common people to do so. It is another form of Resistance . And like the armed Resistance was created because the regular Army could not protect the people from invasion and occupation , so, the duty of defending the Religion should fall on the people’s who should be in charge of this task the same way they became in charge of liberating the land , and this because the religious references are not assuming their responsibilities.


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