The Russians and the Turks have reached an agreement regarding Syria of which Syria `was not informed and that consists in imposing a total cease fire on the Syrian territories . The terms of the agreement were not made public, and neither Syria nor Iran were part of it , but they will eventually be informed about it . Sources say that Iran is not concerned with any agreement that doesn’t include the stopping of the flow of thugs and weapons coming to Syria from Turkey . The introduction of Turkey to Syria invited by the Russians does not have Syria’s approval say the Iranians, and they don’t seem happy that the fate of Syria lies in Turkey’s hand. If Turkey does not stop the flow of thugs , this means that the thugs might reinforce and reorganize their ranks and prepare themselves for the next battle because the thugs are not surrendering despite their defeat .The rehabilitation of Turkey has happened so that Turkey qualifies to fight ISIS in Syria and to have a say in Syria’s future.

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