Thousands of terrorist thugs from Tunisia are expected to return home from Syria , those who have returned are around 800 some say one thousand and their whole number is estimated at 5500, half of them seems to have been killed . Tunisians are objecting that those have returned without being submitted to trial even if they have been placed under supervision, and that they should undergo trial and their place is in prison after the court issues a proper verdict regarding them according to what they have committed. The return of thugs is another problem and it is the previous Tunisian rule that mobilized so many thugs to SYRIA under the presidency of al Marzuqi the notorious NGO doctor supportive of thugs who cut the relations with Syria and turned Tunisia into a recruiting place for thugs together with al Ghannoushi leader of al Nahda Party . The eventual trial of the thugs should not overlook how they were recruited and by whom . It is this whole operation of recruiting and financing and sending that should be denounced.


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