Sayyed insisted on two points in his speech last week , the first one is the battle of Aleppo and the truth about this battle that we ignore . The whole World rallied behind the terrorists said Sayyed, and the thugs were not forsaken as one might think and left to provide for themselves . The Thugs were fully supported and supplied with men and equipment and everything they needed to take this battle to term . And the forces of the Resistance had to engage in the fiercest of wars against the thugs where they would send tens of trapped engines driven by suicidals to explode at the same time and where thugs were constantly replaced by other thugs . What Sayyed wanted to say is that neither the terrorists nor their handlers would pacify, and that they are not prone to reconcile or give in, and that the battle should be fought to the end and that there is no negotiations with thugs that could bear fruit and reap results it is the battle that has the final say


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