what Adnan Khalil said about the interview of Sheikh Naim Qassem on al Nour Radio is taken out of context and givesthe impression that the relation is at its best

What sheikh Qassem said answering the question about the relation between other countries including Russia and Hizbullah is that our concern is what serves the interests of the Resistance and protect us from affiliation, and we accept any party that recognizes` our sovereignty and our stand regarding israel . The relation with Russia`is old and there are exchange and visits and it has become stronger and positive but it is`a relation that is defined by common interests and common goals` and we are not building our dreams on a relation that we expect to last till resurrection day but we look positively at things

what sheikh Qassem did not say and will not say is that this`relation is imposed on the Resistance and not a free choice , and it is at its lowest levels because the Resistance will not accept to be taken into custody like Syria . Sheikh Qassem did not say that the visits between the Resistance and The Russians are restricted to Lebanon and that in Syria these relations are non existent and there are no direct dealings with the Russians by order from the leadership . Of course, Sheikh Qassem cannot reveal these things due to the circumstanceضيف-الحلقة-نائب-الامين-العام-لحزب-الله-سماحة-الشيخ-نعيم-قاسم


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