Al Fatiha
Bismillah wal hamdilillah
Assalamu Alaykum
i shall speak briefly because of lack of time
My deep condolences
i have known the Sheikh since 1985 and what i say is from direct dealing
these religious Sheikhs are Kudwa – wa ma baddala tabdeela
his sincerity and constant work without despair and without limits in space or time
the venerable Sheikh had various interests
his works in the al Umma council and other
i will stress on his striving for unity
he believed and worked for this sake .The Body of the Scholars for the Resistance where religious references from all sects meet and discuss with the most important character of sincerity
And what was said about the sheikh is not just for praise , we really feel this great loss, and the late sheikh had a great role in this, and he will be missed
and in the al Sham council and the World Conference for Tawheed , everywhere the late Sheikh was present and active
and we need people like the venerable Sheikh more than anything because of what we witness nowadays on behalf of the takfeeris
This is the most threatening thing the Religion is facing and this we find also in the Shi’as of Britain – like the leader calls them – and they slander the Sunnis and the Shi’as as well, and there are Intelligence services that work day and night for this
and this in order to abort the Sahwa that Islam is witnessing and distort this Sahwa awakening to become fitna and transfer the battle from its battleground to another
We should work on more cooperation and coordination and tolerance and this is the best answer and achievement to defeat this purpose
The late sheikh was part of the Resistance in all its fields and whenever the Resistance needed support regarding its endeavor the Sheikh and his like were always there and always yielded to the call
The Resistance is still targeted and the Axis of the Resistance is targeted and now there is an attempt at destroying the Arab armies so that the israeli army remains the only present one
There is defamation of the Resistance and of the Palestinian Resistance and those who supported this Resistance everywhere and even in Nigeria
And israel is after all those who contribute to the Resistance and they will target each and everyone and it is a duty ti defend all resistances.
This nation will never forsake Palestine and the Palestinians will always surprise the israelis
and now they think that because of the actual difficulties Palestine will be forsaken .
I tell you the Axis of the Resistance will win this war , and the Palestinian cause will again be a priority and no one will ever forsake Palestine or deliver the nation to the US or israel this will never happen
and the Palestinians are still resisting everywhere and will not surrender
and if in Bahrain we see the welcoming of Zionists and if the rulers are dancing together with the israelis but the Bahrainis will never give up Palestine .
The Axis of the Resistance will win this and this is not mere talk but is being interpreted on the ground in terms of sacrifice . Also the steadfastness on the ground like the late sheikh who was farsighted and had insight and clear vision and he proceeded to work, and was confronting all
And he was present on all the world tribunes to speak and to explain
And we need this tolerance ,we have to prove tolerance and they want us to drown in blood , we have to stretch our hands and remain open hearted and minded because this is how we defeat the conspiracies
we hope we will be compensated from this absence of the sheikh by his sons and his brothers
this is the scenery that we want to offer to the world: religious people from all sects sitting together
and for this brotherhood we have worked and we will continue on this path of unity and Resistance


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