Al Mosul is still waiting to be liberated and it will not be for tomorrow. The USA and Coalition have stopped the raids on Isis and have exerted great pressure on the rule so that the rule stops its air raids as well . And the rule yielded to the pressures and al Mosul is not being liberated . What Nouri al Maliki will not do Al ‘Abadi is doing which is why he was brought to power no doubt . The US never left Iraq in fact, and there are thousands of` US troops – maybe 10 thousands – positioned in various military bases , the most important one the one in al Qayyara` from where the US monitors the battle against ISIS . The present rule is foolish enough to think that those who brought ISIS~to Iraq or the NATO proxy armies qualify to fight it.

The Popular Crowd without whom the liberation of Mosul will not be possible has its hands tied, and since it has become part of the`Iraqi forces, it has lost the initiative to operate on its own. Before that, when the reference of the Popular Crowd was the religious authority of al Sistani who is behind the creation of the Popular Crowd, they were free to act and operate, and they defended Baghdad and liberated Diyala and Salahuddin with the help of the Iranians, but the US always opposed them and objected that they share in the liberation of al Anbar and al Fallujah and other, and started a defamation campaign saying that they were responsible of abusing the local population in Tikrit and other. places . No one has ever brought a real proof about this , but restrictions started being imposed on the Popular Crowd since then, and many provinces that were expected to be liberated have only been partially so like al Anbar for example.

Also, Talla’far in Ninewah, where the Popular Crowd has been operating lately, has not been liberated, nor the roads between Syria and Iraq cut, in order to prevent the flow of thugs both ways and the thousands of thugs that occupied Tadmur came also from Iraq. This not to speak of the thousands Turkish soldiers that have been introduced to Iraq by the US.

Journalist Hassan as Salman on al Mayadeen TV said that the victory of Aleppo was channeled to Turkey, and Turkey was a partaker in this victory and given license to fight ISIS in Syria. The deferring of the battle of al Mosul is probably in order to introduce the Turkish element to the scene as a determining factor in the war on Terror, for which the Turkish soldiers were sacrificed and killed by ISIS lately . The US wants to decide who takes from ISIS , and wants al Mosul to be under military rule and wants the National Crowd made of the Sunni tribes to replace ISIS which means`partition ~ This is to say that the occupation of al Mosul in 2014 on behalf of ISIS, happened after an agreement between Turkey and local forces in the city, and was sponsored and facilitated by Turkey . The Turks are training the National Crowd , the Sunni par to the Popular Crowd that are `expected to take over from ISIS~ and then hand the power to a military rule directly connected to the US .

Whether in the form of troops, or Proxy Armies, or terrorist factions `or Turkish forces , or ISIS the US never left Iraq and now has increased its presence and consecrated it.


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