Bismillah wal hamdulillah

i will speak about the region mainly Syria and other places as well and also about Lebanon

i renew my greetings on the festivities that we are celebrating , the birth of the prophet of Islam and that of his grandchild Ja’far al Sadek and the birth of Christ

our salutations to all those who are positioned on all fronts defending the invasion and conquest of the enemy . Salutations to those
Islam and the Prophet of Islam were never subject to such defamation as happened lately and this is due to the Media mainly

Previously the defamation was through animation or Caricature and books like Salman Rushdi’s book

But now the defamation is coming from the terrorists and they rise the banner of the Prophet of Islam and they kill and slaughter and burn and loot and it is a real a massacre at all levels

cultural physical massacres and all this is committed in the name of the Religion and of its Prophet
It is everyones’ responsibility to condemn these acts and also to denounce such acts that they are not of the Religion

each crime should be denounced and it is the responsibility of all because this is harmful to all Religions and to God Himself and it is the responsibility of all without exception

i start by celebrating the birth of the Prophet . The Wahabis want to impose their ideology condemning such celebrations and the terrorists choose to blow themselves up in these festivities so much dark evil they carry

Like previously they said that elections are against the religion and whoever shares in election is condemned

This has created so much havoc as if there was nothing else to worry about , and if they condemn the celebration of the birth of the Prophet what about the birth of Christ

And this bearded person who sent his daughter to blow up herself in a police station and does this in the name of Islam
And this also happens in Nigeria , they used little girls that were blown up in churches and Mosques

This is overwhelming Imamu Ali had spoken about such fitna
What we saw regarding burning two Turkish soldiers who were burned alive
we should condemn these acts coming on behalf of ISIS
Is this Islam ? we should condemn and denounce this whether the victim is from us or from the other side

Fanatic Islam , Terrorist Islam , this is what we hear all the time and also the Islamic state and everywhere we hear this defamation . there is no terrorist Islam , and the two do not go together , there is Islam and there is Terror and they don’t go together . No one says that the Christians USA committed this , or that the Christian terrorist soldiers did this and that .

We should not attribute to Religion these crimes whether they are committed by Muslims or Christians

A call to the countries who are sustaining Terror is that they should go over their choices like Jordan who witnessed these terrorist attacks lately

these countries who sponsor terror are exposing their countries to great danger
Even Joe Biden said to Erdogan that he is overdoing it in supporting ISIS

Turkey is a great sponsor of ISIS and now Turkey is supporting ISIS in Iraq and fighting it in Syria

The Turks are invited to go over their choices and to take a radical stand regarding ISIS . Erdogan will not allow the video to circulate so as the Turks do not see how the 2 soldiers were killed
About Aleppo what happened is a real war that was ever witnessed . This was a very hard war

the sponsors of Terror sent thousands of fighters from Uzbekstan and Chechnya and Turks and tens of suicidals
the suicidal will drive tons of explosives , unbelievable weapons and media , to put everyone in the picture , this was a very hard war and the goal was to take Aleppo

they called this the Fateh of Aleppo and this achievement was at the cost of many sacrifices from all soldiers and civilians
A continuous war that did not stop for 2 months with fighters coming from the four quarters in great numbers

This is not true that the thugs were forsaken , they were provided with everything

hundreds of billions were spent on the war on Syria , what the Arab countries spent on the war on Syria is unbelievable in terms of money and media and weapons and conferences and defamation campaigns
Nothing like this was ever offered to Palestine in 60 years or what was offered to Afghanistan in the war against the USSR , it is the determination of the soldiers and the Resistance that won the war and not the forsaking of the thugs

and they cheated by showing pictures from the Dahia of Beirut and from Gaza and they used pictures of the children of Yemen saying that they were taken from Aleppo

And they used these pictures to say that these are the children of Aleppo and they speak about the 300 thousands besieged . Where are those?

we should compare
we should compare what has been said with what has been found out after they left

just name one town or village under terrorist control from which the civilians were allowed to leave in a war that was won

Kafarya and al Fou’a and it was very hard to exit 1400 from these 2 towns and the terrorists wanted to take them as hostages
there are no demographic changes in Syria , it is the terrorist that operate demographic changes and not the rule .

the last point . The battle of Aleppo if we want to be fair is a big defeat for the other party and a great asset to us

What if Aleppo had fallen into their hands? But the battle is not over , and the war is not over , there are 2 goals to the enemy one of them is to topple the rule and this scheme has failed definitely, the other goal is to take Syria , and the war is not over and there is still confrontation ‘ The victory of Aleppo should be consecrated because the conspiracy will continue . Aleppo could open the door to a form of solution and settlement . This achievement should become subject to investment

it is thanks to the Syrians , the rule , the Army and its leadership who have taken this decision otherwise this battle could not have been won

In Bahrain the authority is still acting foolishly by trying to arrest Sheikh Issa Qassem and the Bahrainis will not allow this
in Lebanon the government was formed because everyone wanted this government to be formed

this government should not just be an interim government and limit itself to prepare for the elections but should bear its full responsibility
this is not the government of Hizbullah as they say and Hizbullah does not want to control the government

even if the whole country asks us to govern the country we will not accept , what we want is partnership because this is what suits Lebanon

As for the electoral law , we want a law that will address the worries and concerns of all but without going back to old law
we should be careful because the terrorists are not happy and they might react one way or another , we should all cooperate and work together


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