Aleppo was taken in July 2012 by Liwaa’ al Tawheed who entered the city through the Hanano Residences and then invaded the eastern section and divided the city between east and west representing a constant threat on the western part . Liwaa’ al Tawheed was replaced by al Nusrat and by many other groups that form 16 factions and maybe more gathering around 13 thousand thugs lead by al Nusrat. The Eastern section witnessed a great displacement of people, and out of the two millions who populated the area , 600 thousands immediately left while remained in the eastern part more than 200 thousands citizens that were besieged by the thugs and deprived of food and medical care and medication and prevented from leaving .

The liberation of Aleppo came at the hands of the Forces of the Resistance that defeated the purpose of the predator who had introduced Terror to our countries and societies to alienate us from our culture heritage and originality and to normalize us with Terror, and coexist with it, and identify with it, and recognize it as our culture religion and heritage , and claim it as our own . This purpose of the predators has been defeated now, and we are no more to adjust to the predators’ plans and schemes .

Experts do not speak in this instance of the withdrawal or retreat of the thugs of the opposition, but of their total collapse before the progress of the forces of the Resistance on the ground . The people have seen and witnessed what the men of God are capable of, and they have expressed their joy and support and shown their enthusiasm for the victory of the people over the predators whose taste they are not close to forget .

Now, Aleppo will be unified again despite the many plots and conspiracies and delays and deferment and procrastination and mistrust and indetermination and helplessness that the Syrian rule suffered from . Now, there is chance to set things back on the right track again of eradicating Terror whether in its Takfiri form or in its Zionist form and never normalize or coexist with it, nor consider it a par or an equal. The Resistance works wonders again .


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