It is surprising that the news about the battle of Tadmur are occupying the headlines together with the new Russian naval force in the Mediterranean and not the battle of Aleppo that is two steps away from being totally liberated.

We have become used to this kind of arrangement that takes the battle away from Aleppo to Tadmur, and this has happened before, monitored by Russia , and caused great confusion and losses .
No doubt this has been arranged between Russia and Turkey to send the thugs of ISIS to Tadmur and to allow the Russians whose image has suffered lately due to the victories of Aleppo- from where they were absent- to show their strength again by raiding over a presumed attack by ISIS thugs on the city and drawing the attention away from Aleppo, and the pressure away from the terrorist factions on the Aleppo front in order to relieve them.

This arrangement refurbishes Russia’s image and reintroduces it to the battleground after it has been neutralized. The Russians`are seeking hegemony over the area around Tadmur that is the Homs area on the borders with Lebanon and near the Lebanese Bekaa , stronghold of the Resistance .

Sources say that ISIS that will be expelled from al Raqqa to hand it over to the Turks or the Kurds , will head next to the desert of Tadmur where it will position itself waiting to hand in the area to the forces assigned to fight it . The actual battle of Tadmur is no doubt a World Order maneuver and a joint Russian /Turkish arrangement to reintroduce Russia to the Syrian battlefield.

In this war, ISIS and the Terrorist factions are dispensable , they are mere tools and have no existence on their own , but are pawns in the hands of the powers who monitor them. The truth is that the war happening in Syria and in the region, is between the Forces of the Resistance and the handlers of Terror and their associates like Russia. This war is happening at 2 levels simultaneously, against the terrorist thugs grossly speaking , and against NATO and their associates in a more subtle way .


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