Assalatu wassalam
few days before the birth of the prophet and birth of Christ , on these two holy occasions i congratulate both the Muslims and the Christians
both communities are facing challenges whether in Palestine or elsewhere
the two religions are facing two threats – the israeli and the takfiri
and by their own testimony the US is supporting these takfiris .
let us hope we will be united in facing these challenges
i will not speak about Aleppo or al Mosul despite the importance of the circumstance . i will leave this to some other time
i will speak about local matters on this occasion
the Resistance does not have references in the media sense of the word , we have speakers but not references .
we do not speak through messages nor do we send hidden messages
we speak directly and we do not send messages
i have warned against that there is an attempt at sowing discord
i am addressing all Lebanese equally
the relation with the rule . we have an excellent relation with the president of the Republic and it is based on respect and on trust
we daily communicate and we ask and we get answers in a very positive dealing
many talks about the Resistance stand from the Aoun /Lebanese Forces relations
many say that the Resistance is worried about this relation
the media gives this picture that the Resistance is busy trying to separate between the president and the Lebanese Forces
everything circulating about us asking things from president Aoun regarding this matter is not accurate . Before the relations between the two were established , we were informed and asked to give our opinion that was a positive opinion
finally, we are not worried and also what has been circulating about tensions between the the Shi’as and the Christians has no basis
these are fictitious stories and whoever tries to use these rumors in order to get some promotion will fail
also what has been circulating about being worried about the visit of gulf officials to the president
the president is free to visit any country if it is in the interest of the country
i have said that the president is a as solid as a mountain , and we HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HIM
we approve of any openness and having two Christian forces in Lebanon is not a problem for us . We like to see the Marada come close to the Free Patriotic Movement because they both are on the same side
As for the government, we are communicating with all and know what the difficulties are
i confirm that there no one that is working on preventing the cabinet from being formed
some would say that some party would not want Hariri to form the cabinet
no one is seeking to prevent the formation of the cabinet
some things have been agreed upon like the Unity government
for us the guarantee is the president
also the ministries have been determined but for two
Also all should be represented
this is the size of the problem .
All are sharing and the cabinet should be formed
many times the formation of the government lasted longer than this
this is a transitional government
everything is being politically used . the head of the parliament – Nabih Berri- is not delaying the formation
all want the government to be formed in a short time
We have no problem with our share and we are satisfied and it is normal that the parties compete for this or that ministry
in general accusing others of delaying the formation of the government is not true
we were accused of not wanting to have presidential elections before that
as for the election law , we approve that the two work together , the election law and the formation of the government
we want a new electoral law
to build a strong state we need an election , an electoral law that gives each his due
otherwise we cannot build our strength
who wants a strong state there is need for a fair representation and not cut to the size of the political powers . An election law that gives real representation should be a law according to proportionality and not to the majority
this is how we build the strong state
we have always told the Lebanese not to wait or invest in regional changes
Now i am not speaking having Aleppo in the background for example
We as Lebanese have no choice but to meet and unite and try to solve our differences and overcome the conflicts
Today we have reached a point whereby everyone is willing to cooperate
Let no one wait for the regional changes , and we are about to witness great defeats
Let us forget the regional issue and care about the peoples’ problems and cater to their needs


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