The strangest thing is how the World order succeeded in demonizing president Ahmadinejad among his own people, the Iranians . Either we understand nothing about the former president of Iran or the former president is subject to demonization. And when some Iranians want to explain why they don’t want Ahmadinejad to return to the presidency , most of the time they don’t know what to say and, in order to say something they will say that the leader is at odds`with him and even he – the leader- does not want him .But the truth is that they cannot say most of the time what they reproach him for. It seems that the Green movement has infiltrated deeply Iran and the Greens are still operating. The question is : what makes president Ahmadinejad so repelling to these particular Iranians? it must be Ahmadinejad’s austerity and his rectitude that the Iranians find repelling . Maybe the former president of Iran committed mistakes , but there is no doubt also that he is subject to utter demonization that is more visible in Iran itself than anywhere else ; how did this happen and why?

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