The Forces of the Resistance are still progressing, and the thugs are falling apart and have remained only in 5 quarters where they have taken shelter . More than 85% of the occupied eastern part has been liberated, and the thugs were told to get rid of their heavy weapons which caused them to burn their arsenals and their tunnels, and to use their missiles in targeting civilians killing 24 innocent people .in shelling Aleppo .

What is amazing is that the thugs are fleeing in most cases and not confronting the forces of the Resistance , and it is as if there were no strategy , and as if they had not coordinated nor developed any plan of confrontation , they were taken by surprise so to speak, , and this because they were totally secured in their grip over east Aleppo, and promised by the world powers that they were here to stay.

As for the fate of the remaining thugs , it remains unknown , and while they were told to continue to fight , their desire is to leave and exit safely to Idlib since Turkey had closed its borders and even killed tens of thugs who tried to cross the borders , besides hundreds of civilians who were shot at and killed. Hundreds of Syrian thugs have surrendered to the Army to settle their condition, while others have tried unsuccessfully to sneak among civilians but were discovered and delivered . The thugs who will not go to Idlib will join the Euphrates Shield operations in the north which is why Turkey might have closed its borders . The thugs had proposed a truce of 5 days in what remains of Aleppo that will allow the exit of civilians and the evacuation of 500 hundred injured . This victory is a big Turkish loss certainly . and the thugs are cursing Erdogan for failing and not rushing to their rescue.

On the other hand, and what is considered another victory and what consecrates this victory, is the return of the people to the Hanano Residences and al Sakhur Quarter and their retrieving of their homes

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