While the US and Russia are discussing the exit of the precious terrorist thugs from Aleppo , sources say that US and Russia are thinking of sending 4 thousand thugs to escort the thousands of terrorist thugs out of the city, and also to make the governor of Aleppo as a reference and the final authority in Aleppo within view to separate it from the central rule abiding by the old scheme of keeping Aleppo a separate city under Turkish custody . The US and the Russians are still trying to impose a truce of some sort that will save the thugs from their fatal destiny at the hands of the Resistance, as happened before when truces were imposed in the city from which the thugs benefited. But this proves difficult now, and the forces of the Resistance will not accept such imposition .

The negotiations about withdrawing the thugs have been delayed two days , maybe that the 2 belligerents hope that the thugs will retrieve the initiative and remain in the city which is extremely difficult of course . the thugs are trapped now in 18km2 while almost 70% of east Aleppo has been liberated and almost 7 thousand thugs are still fighting in al Sha’aar and close to the old citadel and in other places in the southern part of the eastern side .

But Lavrov has his plan to curb the progress of the Resistance forces and is already speaking about a cease fire that will be imposed after the terrorist thugs exit east Aleppo. This is probably in order to hinder the progress of the Resistance towards al Baab and other places that need to be liberated and the Russians seem determined on imposing this cease fire after the fate of the thugs is sorted out .

The thugs of the opposition are also having their differences among each other , and the al Nusrat had yesterday raided on the arsenals of Saudi sponsored Jaysh al Islam and Faylaq al Sham, robbing all their weapons and ammunition and food supplies after injuring the guards . Also Noureddine al Zinki terrorists have been executing thugs who tried to flee and surrender to the Syrian Army. The tension is growing between the fighting factions because of the shortages in food and weapons and the constant pressure and progress of the Forces of the Resistance on the ground.

The liberation of Aleppo will prove to be a turning point, and it is`expected that more fighters will join the Resistance Forces, and that the Iraqi Popular Crowd will join the Resistance forces in liberating al Raqqa and Der Ezzur . And hopefully the achievements of the Resistance will not be limited to Aleppo – as wished by the Russian and US belligerents- but will continue to cover the whole of Syria .

This is to say that the Russian and US belligerents have also their plans, and are intent on introducing Egypt to the Syrian scene to counter balance the forces of the` Resistance with a normalizing country with israel- like Egypt- whom they hope to use in curbing Iran and the Axis of the Resistance in Syria, and in drawing Syria to the table of negotiations with israel .


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