The forces of the Resistance are progressing steadily in eastern Aleppo from the east , and have taken the al Baab road that leads to the new airport of Aleppo, and now the airport can reopen . The fence that separated the two parts of the city raised 4 years ago has been removed, and the 2 parts are again united . The forces of the Resistance have taken more than 60% of east Aleppo and are progressing on the ground intent to take the whole city . Civilians are still exiting through the crossings and have been shot at by the thugs and more than 30 have been killed mostly woman and children when thugs targeted them to prevent them from crossing.These are the thugs whom the whole world is rallying to protect, and for whom the UN is calling for meetings and Resolutions .

Sources say that the thugs might be negotiating their next exit . The talks between thugs’ heads and Russia have not stopped in Ankara to try to find a settlement of some sort for the thugs that might avoid them a total defeat . The International community is very much alarmed and fears a victory of the Axis of the Resistance over the thugs of the opposition that might break the balance that Russia has been trying hard to maintain in Syria between the terrorist thugs and their enemies of the Axis of the Resistance

On the other hand, the Turkish minister of foreign affairs – Mevlud Cavusoglu – who was in Beirut yesterday to greet the new Lebanese president , visited the refugee camps in Lebanon before visiting the presidential palace, and so did the German minister of foreign affairs who visited Beirut for the same purpose. They both rushed to the refugee camps before doing anything else, not because they worry about the condition of those , but in order to see how those can be used in the recent developments of the situation that the region has been witnessing.


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