The Israelis are slowly and surely engaging in the war against Terror and have become part of it, and the proof is what happened in Hawd al Yarmouk in the south of Syria, on the borders with Jordan and of occupied Palestine in the Golan Heights . This Yarmouk triangle – as they call it – has been an ISIS stronghold since long who is operating under the name of Khalid ibn al Waleed group after joining in with a branch from al Nusrat . These thugs are occupying a territory in the Golan Heights which is this triangle that israel considers a disputed land, and seeks to put under UN custody as a step in order to annex it later .

Sources say that the israelis entered the Hawd al Yarmuk few days ago in the area called Kafarilma after asking the thugs to withdraw from it, which the thugs did . The israelis entered Kafarilma then, and burned few ISIS~ locations before they were targeted by an unknown party and had to retaliate as they pretend , The retaliation caused the death of 3 ISIS thugs .

The relation between israel and terrorist groups is not new, and israel had provided the terrorists- including ISIS – with light weapons and cell phones and secret numbers that are not detectable by the Syrian Intelligence . Also israel had been providing health care for all the thugs that have taken location in the proximity of the Golan Heights, and they are many. Not to forget that the operating room called MOC that monitors the terrorist groups in the Golan Heights has been transferred from Jordan to israel, and this because of the great failures that had happened on this front and the huge losses that required such a change .

This means that israel has become directly in charge of the southern operations . The scheme is to have the thugs of al Nusrat and other groups located in the south near the Golan Heights, fight ISIS and the Syrian Army at the same time, and give israel a pretext to enter the anti terror war and expand its territory after ousting the undesired thugs – ISIS namely . And it is israel that is behind the last attempt on behalf of terrorist thugs at taking the Syrian town of Hadar in the Golan Heights near the Lebanese/ Palestinian borders . An attempt that failed in every respect and caused number of casualties .

On the other hand, the israeli airforce has been also sharing in raiding ISIS in Sinai , Egypt, and has undertaken air raids targeting ISIS in Rafah . And like the Turks have entered Syria from the north in agreement with Russians and with US green light to fight ISIS presumably, nothing prevents israel from doing the same in the south especially that the `Russians had long been praising israel’s capacity and long experience in confronting Terror.


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