This is not a joke , but some Native academicians are calling for this parallel to be made between the native indigenous of the Americas and the israelis since both are indigenous people seeking to preserve and protect their “originality ” . This makes israel a native country to which its”`original” people have returned from far. They have returned to the burial places of their ancestors in order to preserve those sacred places and protect them and keep them away from Arabs who seek to destroy them.

This is the kind of logic that we find in this article where things are turned upside down . What frightens these academicians most is the kind of spontaneous identification that could happen between Palestinians and Natives, and that is justified since both have had this bitter experience with the colonizer invader . But these academicians want a totally different equation, and they seem to be able to infiltrate the Native movement in Canada at least, and call for the support of the Native Nations who – like the israelis – are struggling to preserve their culture . All this distortion no doubt has been facilitated by BDS that is – by the way- being exposed by these academicians .
.In In fact, although calling for academic boycott , BDS was the one who started speaking about ethical decolonization or granting to colonizers indigenous rights so as to bring equality between the two, which is totally playing in the hands of the equation waged by these so called pro israeli Native academicians . Not forgetting the fact that BDS Omar Barghouthi who calls for the academic boycott of israel .is enrolled as a graduate student in the University of Tel Aviv,


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