The number one promoter of Terror and the war on Terror is Putin and the first responsible for distancing between Terror and its authors and creators . The credibility this rascal enjoys among the progressive leftists and the intellectuals have been fully used by he World Order to change the origin of Terror and attribute it to Gulf countries and to Islam . This was a great service that Putin rendered to the NATO countries and to israel by absolving them from breeding Terror .Then and only then could the war on Terror be declared on behalf of those who created Terror and sustained it. The war on Terror that seeks to preserve and protect Terror and that invests in Terror also would not have been possible weren’t it for this dissociation that Putin operated between Terror and its masters . Putin himself is number one terrorist, and the first to have used Terrorist attacks to promote himself politically, and the first to have associated Terror with Islam . When asked about the relation between Terror and Russia , dissident Litvinenko said that if there is a center to Terror , it is the Kremlin and the Douma .

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