Very shocking indeed the official Yemeni reaction to what the chief commander of the Iranian Army Muhammad Baqery had said regarding creating – sometime in the future- naval military bases on floating Islands or on the shores of Syria and Yemen if the circumstance is favorable . This random statement brought very bad reactions from the Yemeni side that accused Iran of wanting to conquer Yemen and taking advantage of it .In a more shocking statement, the head of the highest Yemeni council- Saleh al Sammaad- said that Yemen will retaliate to all attempts at violating its sovereignty. He added that Yemen does not owe anything to anyone , and the friends of Yemen have let down Yemen before its enemies, and whatever the situation , he said, this does not mean that the waters of Yemen have become open to any one . Similar reaction was noted on behalf of Ansarullah representative al Mashatt who said that: had the Iranians read the history of Yemen , they would have known that Yemen is the graveyard of all invaders .

One would have thought these statements to be addressed to the Saudis , but no , it is to the Iranians that they were addressed. One wonders the source of this misunderstanding and whether the Yemenis were counting on a direct Iranian intervention in their favor, and whether they were disappointed and felt let down as a result . The strange thing remains that the invitation sent on behalf of previous president Ali Saleh – to the Russians – to come and bring their forces and open military bases in Yemen, did not breed such reactions at all despite the fact that Putin is responsible for this `war that could have been avoided had Putin used his veto at the UN . But it seems that Russia has favors in Yemen among the Yemenis that the Iranians do not enjoy .


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