The battle of Aleppo will resume to target the southern part of the eastern side in al Sha’aar where the thugs have sought refuge from the north fleeing the battle before the Forces of the Resistance, and sending calls of distress that ask for unity and solidarity among thugs saying that things cannot continue the way they are. This coming battle is more difficult than the first battle of the north, and involve the other half of the eastern part and comprises the old city where the density of the population is significant . This would have to be taken into consideration .

The population is still being evacuated from the northern quarters that have been liberated , and thousands of people – almost ten thousands – have reached the legal crossings, and many were targeted by the snipers as they attempted to flee. All in all, the stronghold of the thugs has been taken which are the Hanano quarters, and what remains are pockets that should be taken care of and they are mostly under the Forces of the Resistance Fire .

Some say that this is the end of the thugs all over Syria, and that this battle is determinant in bringing their end . All what was needed is a real battle that Syria has been deprived of for so many years, leaving the thugs to act at leisure and multiply and grow in number, and enjoy a vast place and space to play and display and commit their crimes against innocents, and loot and persecute and displace , as ordained by the World Order. And what became under control when the Russians intervened, was not Terror but the war on Terror , the real anti Terror war claimed by the Forces of the Resistance – and not the fake one- that was prevented from taking the initiative, and from leading the battles to their final terms where they will be translated into real changes on the ground in favor of the Axis of the Resistance and of the Syrian people . .

It required so much to delay this battle , it required the Russian belligerent to bring in all his weapons to Syria, followed by the US and by others, and to bring in the Turks and have them fight the Kurds in Syria, and to divide the thugs between moderate and not moderate, and to head to Geneva so many times uselessly for non existent negotiations . All this, while the Syrian blood was being spilled continuously and uselessly over the Syrian soil , and while Syrians were displaced by millions and drowning in the sea .

All this Russian show was in order to tie the hands of the Resistance. And this betting on Russia that was misplaced, deprived the Forces of the Resistance from the support they needed to take the battles to terms , ie to the victory over the thugs that was irreversible .

All what was needed is to untie the hands of the Forces of the Resistance and trust them and give them the opportunity to plan and decide and fight one real battle against the thugs . This came too late and those who procrastinated this battle and delayed it share the responsibility with the terrorist thugs and their sponsors for this Syrian bloodbath.

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