They manufactured Terror, they made it piece by piece and step by step . No soon had we defeated israel that they had this other enemy prepared for us. They had ISIS . Another israel . They conceived both as entities, and as states, and not just just as armies. Israel is a state, and so is ISIS. It is an Islamic State and acts and behaves like a state . They used Religion in both cases because Religions they can manipulate and use , they are a good medium that is widespread and goes deep, and they had done this with Christianity previously, they manipulated it and used it and still are .

They found Sheikhs and religious references to serve them . The Sheikhs gave the Religious narrative and provided the laws and the ordinances . They had huge institutes to serve them and help them conceive this poison that they threw on us . Think Tanks and Research Centers and Universities , this was a global effort in every respect in which ALL SHARED. ISIS is a global endeavor like israel is . This time it was Islam rather than Judaism, and we were to be subjugated by our own, who used our own faith and culture and Religion against us. They made up this version of Islam that suited their schemes and they used it . This is how israel was created, they used bits of Religion. They did not need it to be too elaborate , just enough religious matter to serve their purpose .

The World Order did this , cooked this poison and is serving it to us , to the poor countries that were colonised , and the west could sell this to many of us as Islam . They conceived this evil no doubt, and what played the biggest part is religious ignorance , people who adhered to the Religion not knowing what Religion is, knowing from Religion only its outer shell .

Products of colonialism like Poverty and mismanagement and dependency and affiliation and partition and corruption and acculturation and poor administration and absence of real leadership and oppression and violation, and Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, all these bred ISIS as well and prepared the ground for ISIS .

No one is able to create ISIS but the World Order . Neither ,Islam nor Gulf Countries , nor Arabs . The authors of such poison are known, and they have created israel before , and now they created ISIS not only in order to save israel , but to continue their scheme of genocide that they have started more than 500 years ago by killing millions of natives in the Americas .

The West is genocidal, and this is the basic identity of the west, and all the other attributes are additional or accidental, and this is something that, if we continue to ignore , we will pay a heavier price than the price we are already paying .

Look at the ghost city of Aleppo , look at the kilometers of destruction and annihilation , empty quarters and neighborhoods that extend so widely and speak for themselves, they can tell their story .Look what they did to al Mosul , how they subjugated people to choose between the caliphate and death, and many times people chose death and preferred to die .

The original scheme that colonized the Americas is continuing, and Terror is its new evolved weapon that it has improvised.This should make one forget their freedom and democracy and civil rights and their scientific and technological progress and their arts and Sciences . It is Terror their identity, and ISIS that speaks in their names . They are ISIS . as they are israel , and every genocide bears their marks.


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