After failing at becoming a war hero due to his reluctance to fight the battle of Aleppo, and after his show of power has failed in the Mediterranean due to the failure of the “Admirable ” Kuznetsov who was sent home suffering from failure, Putin is now promoted as a Media hero and an Ace . And the author of such promotion is none but Putin’s Partners of the EU who wanted – as they pretend- to punish him for distorting the truth and for using Russia’s media to conspire against his European neighbors and sow discord among them which caused them to vote for a non binding Resolution to counter the Russian propaganda .This is how , the news on many channels yesterday became equally divided between the victory achieved in north Aleppo by the Forces of the Resistance, and the EU Resolution against Putin that caused the media from all over the place to rally for the Russian media against its unfair neighbors .

This is not the first time that we witness such polarity that is meant to mislead us to think that Russia and the EU are two things, and that we should invest in the first at the detriment of the other. The truth is that they are two sides of the same coin, and these fights are not different from the Obama/ Netenyahu fight who ended up by granting israel 45 billions of aid over 10 years which was in itself a record.

The truth is that Putin needed to be shored up a little bit after he became too exposed for doing his masters’ bidding regarding Aleppo, and there was need to promote him again as an anti World Order asset that is being targeted by the World Order . There is no doubt also that the Russian Media lies, and its lies have become famous as are famous its practices of camouflaging and distorting truth and saying one thing and its opposite at the same time and giving more than one version of a same event . All this misinformation is not a secret, and so, the EU had a solid ground to build its case on . But no doubt also that – if Putin lies bluntly- so does his partners of the EU and the US whom he brought with him to Syria to build military bases and back the opposition .

Big deal ! The Aleppo victory would have – no doubt- been a better achievement had Putin joined it , but he could not go against his Masters will of the World Order to spare the thugs and give them self administration, so he shared in the battle of Aleppo- timidly so to speak- – by shelling and raiding Idlib which was a redundant action that the battle did not really require even if his winged missiles were part of the show . The truth is that Putin ended up out of the equation on the ground after his show of power could not make up for his shortcomings, and after his required absence from the battle gave the Forces of the Resistance all the space they needed. The truth is that, as the thugs are collapsing and falling apart , so is Putin’s image disintegrating . And there is no place for fake heroes in a real battle.


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