People project their bias and do not see what is there . Not all people can penetrate and put aside their own bias and know things for what they are . Some people project their own bias on the event instead of letting it speak for itself and tell what it is .

In year 2000 some people said that what happened in south Lebanon was not liberation but that the israelis withdrew out of their own will . In 2006, It was not given to all people to identify what happened as a victory , some people said there was no victory while others who knew , knew from the first minute that israel was defeated and they saw victory despite the pain and the losses of lives .

These losses were not wasted and this was very important that the enemy could not achieve his purpose or carry on his schemes . For this reason, we will see people dealing differently with the recent achievements in Aleppo , each according to his bias , some insisting on the Russian role and some not giving its due to the Resistance .

The Resistance is not claiming the authorship of this victory because this will be subject of controversy, and it wants this achievement to be attributed to the Syrian Army first and then to its allies despite the fact that Syria might try to channel this victory to Russia as it has done before , but this proves more difficult now.


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