The siege is tightening on East Aleppo and the forces of the Resistance are still progressing from all sides, from the north the west and the south and the hugs are at a loss of what to do . The Resistance has taken the whole of the Hanano Residences that the thugs have taken as a stronghold . The Terrorist thugs have not been given license to exit the area through the safe crossings or to surrender, but they were summoned – by their masters of the US and NATO- to continue to fight while their condition is deteriorating as more civilians are fleeing the area towards the safe haven of the western part and they are short of ammunition . Just today, 400 civilians were able to reach West Aleppo safely.

This deplorable situation and the certain defeat of the thugs sponsored by Turkey and protected by Russia and the World Order has caused the Turkish minister of foreign affairs to rush to Iran to see what can be done to save the situation . The Turks have been targeted by the Syrian air force while heading to al Baab north of Aleppo , and they had to stop their progress and make a U turn and head to Teheran instead to meet the Iranian officials .

The truth is that the Forces of the Resistance are progressing on the ground rapidly, and they are doing this alone since the Russians had refrained from using their air force because they are committed to the protection of the Aleppo thugs and this has worked in favor of the Forces of the Resistance who were no more linked to the Russian agenda . And the truth is that the Resistance or the Freedom Fighters of Hizbullah are masters on the ground, and the world is coming close to acknowledge this bitter reality, and everyone would have to shrink to his normal size again, be it the US or the Russians or the Turks or the thugs of the opposition.

All those are being faced by an unshakable reality which is that the forces of the Resistance cannot be defeated, and this is a real problem, and that they have to face an enemy that no one until now has been able to defeat . The battle is between Hizbullah and the World Order and the World Order with all its power is not up to this challenge .

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