We are being put before a narrow choice : to opt for Al Sisi or for Qatar and KSA~combined
The World Order does this usually so that we rush and fall in the arms of al Sisi thinking that we have made the right choice and sided with him . What a joke ! It is KSA among others that brought al SiSi to power and financed the illegal military coup and now we have to buy their relation of enmity .The truth is that the escalation on behalf of Qatar and KSA, and their insistence on arming the thugs in Syria is in order to send al Sisi to fight them, and the two steps complement one another. they send the thugs and then the terrorists busters, and al Sisi is already in Syria operating, and we are supposed to cheer over this fact and see the bright prospects for Syria.

Meanwhile, the Russians are trying to infiltrate everywhere, and now Libya is on the list after Yemen and Syria and also Palestine where Putin is expected to work wonders, and cooperate with the israelis and the Egyptians to liquidate the Palestinian Cause. CIA Libyan asset Khalifa Hafter is in Moscow for the second time, and Putin is being invited to conquer Libya and is creating controversy around Yemen who has not accepted to host him or his rusted weapons . But the bright news come from Aleppo where the forces of the Resistance are two steps away from victory in which the Russian bear had no role or say preferring to protect al Nusrat over fighting it. The moderate opposition of the United States is receiving a heavy blow from which it will not recover . Why it is considered moderate is because it is protecting israel in the Golan Heights , the same as Russia is protecting israel in Syria

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