Erdogan wants now to Join the Shanghai organization and has expressed this as an alternative to the EU because the EU should not become a Turkish obsession Erdogan says .
Turkey is slowly parting with the EU as it seems, and Turks are slowly slipping towards the Eurasia dream that is the new virtual environment promoted by Putin that will host israel. Something that explains the Brexit and the tendency to leave the EU whose role is expected to become secondary while Eurasia is on the rise .
Eurasia is a new World Order formula that is expected to promote normalization and recognition of the state of israel as part of Eurasia . If Turkey is part of the virtual entity called Eurasia and if Syria is the same and israel also, there is no reason why Turkey should leave Syria or israel for that matter since they belong all to the same entity . This is what Russia is promoting in Syria with Syria’s consent unfortunately , and it is Putin’s new geopolitcs that he wants to implement together with Trump otherwise there is no reason- on behalf of Putin- to invite the Turks into Syria and no reason for Erdogan to distance himself from the EU that has been Turkey’s dream for the last decades.



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