Many Lebanese said that it was the first time- yesterday – they felt that they have celebrated Independence Day . It is the 73rd anniversary of the Lebanese Independence from French Mandate that was more a partition rather than independence, and caused us to lose our original identity and assume a different one . There was no independence practically and despite this the state used to celebrate in Lebanon and Syria and Iraq and elsewhere. Still, yesterday, there was a feeling that we are getting there and that there was reason to celebrate.

A strange feeling indeed shared by many . It was not just the usual stuff of parading and applauding and saluting and then greeting . There was much more . This feeling is justified and well deserved. and it was earned. The Lebanese Army has modest means and lacks weapons and equipment but the powerful Resistance is fully on the watch preserving Lebanon like one preserves and protects one’s family .Lebanon is laying the real foundations of independence and this feeling is in its place . All that it required is a president for the Republic who looked neither left nor right , who just looks straight ahead and carries on his duty of managing the country’s affairs . Whatever is in the benefit of the country that does not jeopardize its unity or integrity and independence , he goes for . Whatever goes against this , he avoids . It is not very complicated.
Our president is not a revolutionary , he does not want to bring in big changes . All he wants is to apply the current laws regarding everything and fight the corruption and support the Resistance in its endeavor.

It required so much to reach this stage, and Lebanon has been struggling for long . In most cases, what the country suffered from was division and foreign interference, and the two go together because when the French mandate ended in 1943 , Lebanon was not meant to become independent but to remain under French and foreign custody . This dependency happened mainly through culture and education and Lebanon was subject to what they call acculturation to a large extent, and is still suffering from it.

It was difficult to achieve stability on this little lot that was cut off from its vast natural environment called the fertile crescent or Greater Syria, and Lebanon was subject to conflicts and religious wars and civil wars and military interventions, regional and foreign , and the differences tore the country apart while israel invaded. This is when the Resistance grew and changed everything . The equation became different, the Resistance became everything we needed and Lebanon was no more an easy prey , it became a difficult number that has to be taken into consideration . Israel was thrown out, and the land was liberated. All this started from relying on one’s own self and own potential, and from believing in the righteousness of one’s cause , and from accepting unconditional help only from friends.

This is where from the feeling of independence that we experienced yesterday -for the first time -in Independence Day originates . It goes back as far as the eighties with the birth of the Lebanese Resistance. The Resistance put this independence above all, and made this independence more precious than anything . Still, Lebanon had to go through many hardships to reach here . The Resistance with its great sacrifices was not object of consensus, half the Lebanese did not want it who had subscribed to foreign agendas. People in the rule will open channels with western powers in order to conspire against this Resistance that defended the country and liberated the land for all Lebanese . So many conspiracies were carried on while sectarianism spread and took over the feeling of oneness accusing the Resistance of belonging and acting in the name of one sect.. But the Resistance stood steadfast not wavering one inch away from its original stand and from its ultimate goal .

The Resistance is only carrying its duty , its national duty which is not different from the national duty of other Lebanese belonging to other religions , and nothing more like Sayyed says . It only wants to defend the country against the usurpers at whatever cost and considers defending the country and the people as part of its religious duties . This is the goal of the Islamic Resistance, and the Islamic Resistance has no other goal. It does not seek name and fame nor is after position and wealth . It believes in the capacity of any people to defend their country as a duty , and wants the Lebanese people to learn how to live together and work for the common good of all despite the differences , and for Lebanon to become the homeland of all, where all can live safely, and work safely, and coexist safely, and share in defending and protecting the country .

We came a long way, and the presidency of general Aoun is another chapter in the same book, and we hope that he will lead Lebanon to the safe shore. Growing independent and cutting off all affiliations to foreign alien powers, and only accepting unconditional help from friends , and shunning all interference and interventions at all levels, and discarding all alien agendas and setting the orders of priorities , and building solidarity and oneness between all, and relying on one’s own potential and capacity , and never give priority to anything over the safety and integrity of the soil and the people, is the secret of success for all struggling nations


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