The Palestinian Spring is coming late , and it is almost winter, but, nevertheless , the Palestinian Spring is there knocking at the door and waiting for it to be open . Previously , the boats movement towards Gaza introduced the Arab Spring, and promoted Turkey as a world order sponsor for change with a letter of introduction to the Arab world that carried the names of 9 Turkish martyrs for the Palestinian Cause killed by the israelis.The Palestinian Spring however has 2 sponsors, and one of them is Russia and the other Egypt. Two surrogate mothers with a mission to operate a change that will anticipate any natural progress of the Palestinian situation in favor of the cause.

This is what Springs are for , to exploit the need for change within countries and anticipate it by a fake revolution that will abort the real one . Unfortunately, most of the Arab rulers have tuned to this kind of world agenda that seeks to liquidate the Palestinian Cause for the sake of israel, and Egypt has volunteered first , followed by Syria , both of them answering the Russian call to work on solving the Palestinian issue. Finally, this is the World Order agenda which has been assigned to Putin, and Putin is gathering the facts now, and has consorted with both Assad and al Sisi. The whole operation seeks to remove president Mahmoud Abbas – who has served his term and has become expired- and replace him by the Gulf candidate to the position called Muhammad Dahlan. Other eligible candidates also are on the world order list like Marwan al Barghouthi considered to carry the legacy of Arafat .

Thank God that the al Jihad al Islami is aware of these manipulations, and, in the form of its general secretary Ramadan Abdallah has anticipated the conspiracy by inviting for reconciliation and unity among all Palestinians, and stretching his hand to Mahmoud Abbas to revoke the Oslo agreement and cancel it, on the ground that israel did not respect it, and that there is NO Palestinian State in the near future .

Abbas is in great trouble for the Palestinian Spring is getting closer, and the World Order wants to replace him, and he is taking drastic measures against members of his own council, and the Arab rulers are turning against him, and nothing can help him but to listen to his people, and give in to their demands.

The situation is deteriorating on all fronts, and everyday day the israelis arrest tens of Palestinians in the West Bank and destroy their homes . The situation in Jerusalem is not better and violations occur everyday . Gaza has not been reconstructed, and the siege has not been lifted, and the cause is being slowly marginalized as a preparation for its liquidation, Will the Palestinian president save himself and what remains of the Palestinian unity, will he take out and retrieve the Palestinian card from Russia and the World Order ?

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