The Saudis are preparing for a big attack on the shores of Yemen from Bab al Mandib that will also target Ta’izz , to achieve some progress on the battlefield before they sit at the negotiations table. They have already tried to progress in San’aa, through the Meedi desert these last days but without success . Meanwhile , they are continuing to target Yemen’s infrastructure not sparing anything , they have destroyed hundreds of schools and factories and roads and bridges and markets , as they have destroyed water supplies and electricity plants and communication systems and hospitals and agricultural fields and ports and airports and have not spared archaeological sites and universities and colleges and institutes and gymnasiums . They practically have destroyed half the country and intent on destroying the other half , they have starved half the population and besieged the whole country and committed massacres against innocent civilians , but they have not achieved their goals of subjugating the Yemeni people . The Yemenis should think about a way to preserve what remains , they need maybe a different war tactic that will make the Saudis suffer more the consequences of such a war.


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