What is happening to Russia ? What has become to the big country, the biggest country , that has become an empire before collapsing in the previous century and falling apart ? What has happened to it is like what happened to the Ottoman empire when it collapsed during the turn of the previous century . The USSR did not last as much as the Ottoman empire, but it met the same fate of disintegration by colonialist powers. When these empires collapse , they are not left alone, but the powers that defeated them work on controlling them and feed on them , they become like vassal states. This is what happened to the Ottoman empire . it became a country controlled by the powers that defeated it . It became a NATO member and established relations with israel, and it is the number one contributor to NATO . If one had said to an Ottoman that one day your people will serve the NATO , he would have gone mad.And now Turks are begging in front of the EU doors to be admitted .

The same happened to Russia when the USSR collapsed. The US had taken over, and Russia was not left to assess the situation and redefine its position and put things back in order and produce its own power . It became an affiliated country , affiliated to the US , and US chose the Yeltsin mafia to rule Russia and Yeltsin and the mafia chose Putin to rule and US took in charge the Russian arsenals and renewed Russia’ s weaponry including the nuclear heads . It is true that Russia was not to join NATO like the other countries who were members of the Warsaw Pact , but this was intended also because Russia was being prepared for another role and for assuming the role of an alternative pole to the US .

Russia had a chance with Premakov and the Party of the Fatherland to produce something different, but the Russian mafia that brought Putin to power did not allow this to happen, and Russia has become totally affiliated to US . Now, the KGB rules Russia on behalf of the World Order , and we have practically no news about the country . We know nothing about Russia , about what is happening to the Russians , all we see from Russia is Putin and this is most worrying . The man has become the country, and not any man but a dangerous stooge who might be the richest man on earth is leading the biggest country on earth .

Russia must be in a deplorable condition to the point that no Russian voice is heard . This is very worrying indeed . Where are the Russians , how do they live and what do they think , a people with such a rich heritage and legacy that gave Pouchkine and Dostoievsky, with such a great contributions in all fields , how could a mediocre greedy KGB agent control them and suppress them to this point that we do not hear any other voice but that of the ruler who is a usurper also ?

Where are the Russians? Where is Dostoievsky and Pouchkine and all the others whereby Russia has become a lethal power dangerous to itself and to others , plotting and conspiring and generalizing the KGB conspiracies to the whole world for the benefit of the World Order? The KGB conspiracies will not spare anyone, and they have already destroyed Syria under the pretext of a fake Syrian / Russian alliance that preys on the Syrian people and targets finally the Resistance for the safety of israel . This is the role assumed by Russia that s taking after US as the number one sponsor of the Terror and anti Terror conspiracy .

When asked about the center of Terror in the world, Russian dissident Litvinenko said without hesitation that it is the Kremlin that is the Terror world center . Litvinenko died later poisoned by polonium by one of Putin’s agents. But what he said is no doubt true, and Putin was the first to have sent thousands of terrorists to Syria that Saudi Arabia bought from him with billions .

Everything tells that Russia will take after US, whereby the world center of power is shifting slowly but surely towards Russia, and it is Russia or the Russian / US partnership that will continue to do what the US has been doing, and Putin has the major role in bringing his man Trump to power .

The Russians will slowly sink in this condition of oblivion , and they will become a rogue state surviving only because the World Order wants them to survive . Unless the forces of the Resistance defeat Russia , there is no hope practically for the Russians let alone for other people. This defeat should happen slowly and surely, and is not a military defeat but a slow unravelling of the truth about Russia and Putin that will happen in due time

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